About Us

Welcome to TheLinkU, where our zest for innovation meets the dynamic world of college sports. Our story began with a visionary challenge in 2022 and has since unfolded into a tale of relentless ambition and success. Founded by the dynamic duo, Austin Elrod and Troy Kyle, we lit a trailblazing path in the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) landscape.

Do you remember a time when sports marketing was a maze without a map? When compliance was a word more feared than revered? We do. That's why we crafted TheLinkU – to be the compass that guides through the complexities of NIL programs, ensuring steady passage in untamed waters.

Our Journey

With humble beginnings, yet vast dreams, TheLinkU burst onto the scene, carving a niche as the industry's most robust NIL SaaS platform – all thanks to the ingenuity of Austin Elrod's strategic mastery in sales and relationship-building, alongside Troy Kyle's expertise in healthcare IT and compliance gleaned from his tenure at Symplr. Could there be a mightier combo?

From the proving grounds of the University of Houston to the sunny stretches of UCLA, our strategic alliances with top-tier institutions showcase our astronomical ascent. But, have you heard about our recent venture? A staggering $400,000 in delayed payments disbursed to athletes, embodying our vision to foster financial responsibility and buffer against the unpredictability of tomorrow. Surprising? We don't do ordinary. We're writing a new playbook for athlete financial stability and tax readiness. Ask Jamal Shead, whose gratitude resonates with the impact we strive to create.

Our Core

Our mission isn't just a string of words; it's the beating heart of TheLinkU. "Championing Integrity in Every Play" is not only our mantra but the DNA that infuses every action we take. It's about uplifting each athlete, reinforcing the pillars of their temples of learning, and cementing the trust of their magnanimous supporters.

But wait, what sets the cadence for our strides on this groundbreaking path? Our immutable core values:

  1. Protect the Athlete
  2. Protect the University
  3. Protect the Sponsor

Isn't it time we asked ourselves if what we're building today is the legacy we've longed to behold? At TheLinkU, the answer is a thunderous yes!

Our Team

Why settle for remarkable, when exceptional is within reach? Our pillars – Austin Elrod, President and Co-Founder, with a prowess that shapes destinies; Troy Kyle, CEO and Co-Founder, the navigator of complex terrains; Landon Goesling, Vice President Sales, with an unquenchable vigor for teamwork; Vishal Yadav, Chief Technical Officer, carving paths unseen; Norman Stalarow, VP Co-founder, engraving marks of excellence; and Greg Ralph, VP Finance, the steward of fiscal sagacity. This is the ensemble that elevates TheLinkU from impressive to indispensable.

Our Triumphs

Could we have envisioned servicing over 1,100 athletes across the United States in our inaugural year alone? Perhaps only in our boldest dreams, but in reality, we did it. Seamless integration of financial literacy programs? Check. Upholding premier standards of NCAA compliance? Check. Cultivating an ecosystem where athletes thrive beyond the field? Checkmate.

And while awards may gather dust, it's the indelible impact that truly defines us. The athlete who builds a legacy, the University that prides itself on integrity, the sponsor that revels in the limelight of positive media – this is our true celebration.

We are TheLinkU, where promises are kept, futures are forged, and legends are born. Ready to redefine your NIL narrative? There's a place for you here, where the best is yet to be written. Join us, and together, we'll construct the future with the brightest quills in the game.