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Dovid Magna

  • SportsFootball
  • SchoolUniversity of California, Los Angeles
  • GenderMale
  • Age 23

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About Me

I am a Jewish defensive lineman who has had the pleasure of playing for UCLA for five seasons and is now going into my sixth. I started my career at UCLA as a preferred walk-on, and since then, I have earned a scholarship. This reflects my hard work, determination, and my coach's willingness to assist me along my journey. I am set to complete my second master's degree at UCLA at the end of this academic year. I believe that it is bigger than football, and UCLA has given me the ability to strive for both academic and athletic greatness as I work toward a total of three degrees in my five years here. I am a proud Jew who has the honor of playing for a football program that fully supports me and encourages me to boldly represent my Jewish heritage.